Animal Commissions are open!


Each custom animal portrait is done on a wood panel, and comes wired, varnished, and ready to hang- no framing required. All edges are painted black, unless an alternative is planned through email consultation.

I can’t wait to work with you to create a custom, one of a kind portrait of the animals you love!

Turn around time is currently 3-4 weeks from time of order to shipping day.


How to order:

The first step is to make sure you have a great photograph to send. Feel free to send as many photographs as you wish, and I can let you know which one will work best as a painting. See below for more information on what makes a good photo reference for your custom painting.

Next, email your photos and any questions you may have to You are under no obligation to purchase anything at this step.

After we can discuss your painting and photos, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required for me to start the commission. Once the painting is complete, an image will be emailed, and once approved by you, the remaining 50% will be due. Any shipping costs will also be charged at this time (see next section for more info on shipping). Paintings are shipped (or can be picked up if you’re local) once payment has been received. 



Costs vary depending on size and your location. Shipping is additional to the cost of your painting, and will be charged when the painting is complete. Local pickup is available in the Owen Sound area if you live locally in Ontario.

All paintings are packed very carefully, and shipped fully insured and tracked.

Typical shipping in Canada is $30-$45.

Shipping to the US ranges $35-50.

Please email for international shipping rates.



Not all photos are created equal. The more visual information I have, the better your painting will be. Here are some tips to help you take the best photo reference possible:

  • Take photos in natural light, such as through a window, or outdoors. Photos lit with electric light at night make colour difficult to capture.
  • Make sure the image isn’t over or under exposed. Under exposed will mean that the image is too dark, and the shadows may have nothing but pure black. Over exposed means that the image is way too light, and the lightest parts will be too white and washed out.
  • Take as many as you can! Digital technology means that we no longer have to be worried about how many photographs we take since they don’t need to be developed on film. When I take my own reference shots for paintings, sometimes I take dozens of photographs to get the perfect one.
  • Composition matters, but don’t stress about it. I may crop or make slight alterations to make sure the painting has a pleasing composition.
  • Make sure your photo is in focus. 
  • My experience is that photos taken of animals at their eye level work better as painted portraits, instead of taking their picture from far above them while they look up at the camera. So, get down low if you can, and capture your pet straight on. If you do have a photo that you love, and it’s taken from above, don’t worry! You will still get a beautiful painting from it. Sometimes, a photo like this makes for an interesting composition because of the fun angles that are created from above. 


For any questions, and to receive a 2021 price list, please email: