About the Artist

Katharine Kennie is an oil painter living and working in Grey County, ON. Born and raised in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, she moved to the picturesque rural area of West Grey in 2014. Katharine’s landscape paintings express the wonder and mystery she feels when immersed in the wetlands and forests of her home and surrounding areas.

Painterly brushstrokes, textured surfaces, and soothing colour palettes are intrinsic to her current body of work. Katharine uses her first hand experience of a location to create meaning while sketching on site and taking her own photographic references. Special attention is shown to the visual experience as well as the smells and sounds of a place. In the studio, these memories and notations become paintings with complex surfaces that echo the topography of the landscapes being portrayed. Each piece is built slowly using many layers of thick paint and thin veils of transparent colour. Over time as layers are added, some areas are scraped or carved away. When seen closely, these textures reveal the history of the painting process and remind us of the patina of oxidized metals as well as other weather-worn rustic materials that Katharine finds inspiration in. While specific locations are referenced to build a painting, each piece is not intended to be a direct representation of a specific location, but rather an image that has been abstracted from reality to convey the emotional impact of time spent in nature.

These paintings are calm, quiet, and soothing. They remind us of the importance of slowly seeing and experiencing our surroundings. Katharine’s primary concern is to connect deeply with the natural landscape around her in order to convey the emotional power and sensitive atmosphere of our beautiful local environments.


Email: katharinekennie@gmail.com

Instagram: @katharine.kennie